Friday, November 2, 2012

On Photography

On the final leg of my journey from SE Asia to Denver, I sat next to an interesting gal that I became acquainted with. She lives in Australia at the moment, but was raised in Ireland and has lived all over the world. She was going to visit friends in Boulder for three weeks where she hoped to get a little respite from caring for a seriously ill friend.

Moira had the window seat, but as we passed over the first mountain range, she urged me to look. The view was stunning. I pulled out my camera and took a shot of the scene. As the trip continued, Moira and I spoke on many topics and as we passed over interesting topography, she would encourage me to look. Of course, the photographer in me continued to take shots.

At one point, I asked if she had a camera to take a photo or two. And she answered with an interesting comment. “I have given up on cameras and rely only on my eye and my memory for scenes. In the past when I took pictures I was always disappointed. They were never as beautiful as the real thing.”

I had mixed feelings about this comment. Yes, in years past, I’ve had some pretty lousy cameras and the shots taken with those were truly unacceptable. I believe some might even accuse me of purchasing a “cheap” camera.

But I also know that with my husband’s professional cameras and lenses, he can take some pretty great shots. They may not be 100% as beautiful as the original scene, but they are pretty close.

I would have to say it is the quality of the camera that makes the difference.

So here are a few thoughts from my two-hour journey with Moira.

If we rely on a “cheap” relationship with God, we will be disappointed. Not because God didn’t keep His promises or His end of the bargain, but because you didn’t do your part. God wants 100% of you. Not just the pieces and parts you want to give Him. The places and areas that are least important to you, so they are easy to give Him. No, He wants it all. And that means even the hard parts. The places of your heart that you aren’t quite ready to hand over. He wants them, too.

By “upgrading” our relationship with God, we can guarantee fulfillment. Complete beauty. In John 10:10b (NIV), Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” God wants us to have full lives and that is only achieved by giving 100% of ourselves to Jesus. You will never regret having done so.

And I believe the last thing I learned from Moira’s statement is that we will always have a better understanding of something when we see it, read it, believe it for ourselves. When we rely on someone else for our understanding of Scripture, it will never be as beautiful as when we study it for ourselves. Our own spiritual “eyes” will allow us to see God’s perfect, complete beauty as we spend time with Him.

Moira has gone back to Australia to care for her friend. I would ask for prayers for this dear care-giver. Her desire to help a friend in need is indeed inspiring. Please pray for strength, comfort, and peace for Moira.

I would also ask for prayers for her friend. I’ve managed to forget her name, but God knows who she is. Please pray the same things for Moira’s friend. Strength, comfort, and peace. And if it would glorify God, that she might be healed of this horrible disease.

How are your spiritual eyes? Are they focused on God? Is He blurred due to your lack of attention? If so, why not take this opportunity to “upgrade” your relationship with Him. Let Him show you the sights in His Word. Let Him guide you to a better understanding of full life. Don’t miss it! It’s beautiful!

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



  1. Thanks for the invitation Steve...I love that you say you are a "keyboard evangelist!" Great use of words!

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  3. I will check it out. Thanks for joining the Full Measure of Joy family!