Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Potter's House

Years ago, I worked for a woman who made items out of earthenware clay. At first I worked out of my home and received $.15 per item/piece of clay that I created. Believe it or not, I made some money doing that!

Annette’s business began to grow and she asked me to start coming to the shop to work and I had such a great time! We worked together, side by side, and I got to be pretty good at what I did. One of the items I made were “seed packet” buttons and button covers. They were just an inch long and ½ inch wide. There were tiny dashes all around the perimeter and a fruit or vegetable in the center. At first it took me a while to do these, but with practice I could make about a hundred in one day.

As my skill developed, I moved on to making wall hangings with sayings on them. I learned the stick and ball writing (with a paint brush) and worked side by side with Annette to produce her creations.

My ability grew to the point that for most people it was difficult to tell if it was Annette’s plaque or mine. I had learned to imitate the master.

I was continually asked to extend my ability. There were days I didn’t want to be stretched. I wanted to continue making the items that I was comfortable with. I wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I didn’t want to grow.

Guess what? God, the Potter does the same thing. He calls us to the Potter’s House, instructs and leads us in creating beautiful things in our lives, and asks us to be imitators of Him. And we can do that, but not on our own. The Potter begins using His hands to mold us into something we’re not comfortable with. His Holy Spirit begins to produce fruit in us that is unnatural to our behavior.

Isaiah 64:8 says, “We are the clay, you are the Potter; we are all the work of Your hand.” When we allow God to do His work in us, He creates beauty. He creates purpose. He creates. It’s not me any more, it’s the Potter and I am not only an imitator of God, but I am a new creation. If you’re like me, I suspect you’ll fall off the Potter’s wheel occasionally, but even then, we can make our way back to the wheel, and He can make something beautiful and useful out of that crumpled heap of clay.

In Jeremiah 18, Jeremiah is asked to go the potter’s house to receive a message from God. Isn’t it time for you to hear the Potter calling to you? He’s saying, “Come to the Potter’s House. I will give you My message.” That message is one of hope, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and grace. I pray that you’ll visit the Potter. Let His hands mold you into the beautiful vessel He desires you to be. Be moldable. Make Him your partner. Cling to Him. Stay on the wheel.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,


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