Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

I love mornings. My bedroom window faces the east, and when I’m not awake and writing in my office, I’m awakened by the sunrise.

Yesterday and today, this daily event was spectacular. There were clouds which guarantee a dramatic sunrise. Yesterday the colors were muted. Today they were vibrant. Each was beautiful in its own way.

The sunrise yesterday reminded me of an eye with a pupil and visible eyelashes. I love how God reminds me of verses of Scripture or snippets of a story through images I see.

Yesterday was no different. I was reminded of God, His power, His awesomeness and His love. I was reminded of His grace, His care, and His strength.

One of my favorite verses came to mind. 2 Chronicles 16:9a (NIV) says, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

He was roaming. He was searching. And He found me in that moment. My strength was renewed enough to make it through the day. I was exhausted when I went to bed last night and slept well.

While I still feel a bit groggy this morning, I know that my day will once again be filled with the riches of His glory. I’ll be given an extra dose of strength. I will know that regardless of what this day brings, God is on my side and He has my back.

Yesterday was a tough day. I hadn’t slept well. I had an argument with my husband that didn’t end well. I had my two precious grandkids all day. While I love them to pieces, they wear my out!

Yesterday I was exhausted. Life showed up. And I wallowed in a little bit of self-pity.

I chose not to write yesterday. Okay I’ll confess I wrote a blog post, but did not post it. It was a good outlet for me. I don’t think I could ever give up writing completely.

But here’s the thing. I believe I know what God put me on this earth to do. What my purpose is in life. So regardless of what shows up at my front door, I will not give up writing. I will not stop putting the words to paper that God places in my heart. I will continue to share God’s love with anyone who is willing to read it.

One of my friends told me that she loved my blog, but that she wanted to know how I was doing. That I never write about my feelings or how I am doing each day. Her sister reminded her that this blog isn’t about me, it’s about God.

But I think they each are correct and today you’ve heard a more “personal” me. You are watching me work through some open wounds. A rough situation. And I’ll be the first to admit that it hurts. But I’ll also be the first to admit that with God, I can face it without fear.

Are you shaking your head in agreement with my current situation? If so, please know that God really does care. God does want to lift you up when you are unable to stand. God is the Healer of the brokenhearted. God does share His strength. God forgives the worst offenses. God is the great Protector. God is the Giver of abundant life.

I’m living proof.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



  1. Donna, thank you so much for your honesty and for sharing your pain in life while still holding onto your faith that you are not alone. I needed this reminder today. I'm overwhelmed right now and have a very hard time seeing any improvement. I need to get my eyes securely back on God and trust that I am not alone either. You are in my prayers.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Jen T.

  2. Thanks are in my prayers as well. Let me know if there is anything specific you'd like me to pray about. I'd be happy to do so. Grace, Donna